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Theoretische Informatik


  • Logik in der Informatik
  • Typsysteme und Verifikationen
  • Rechnergestütztes Beweisen
  • Lambda-Kalküle und Typtheorien
  • Deklarative Programmierung
  • Implizite Komplexitätstheorie
  • Didaktik der Informatik


Project: GuideForce - Enforcing and analysing programming guidelines for secure web programming with type     systems

The GuideForce project is aimed at the formalization of guidelines for secure webprogramming and to use this formalization to develop tools for the automatic enforcement of such guidelines in Java programs. The results of these tools should be certifiable so as to enable independent auditing. The project is focused on developing a prototypical system based on types with regions and effects. Guidelines will be specified using traces, string abstractions and mockup code.

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