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Studying in Munich

Munich - as a german center of media and technology - offers  outstanding opportunities for studies and research. Of central importance in this is the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. Founded in 1472, it is today one of the largest universities in Germany. Since 1991 the LMU offers a Diploma degree program in Informatics, as well as Informatics as a minor subject. This program intends to prepare its graduates for work in typical areas like

  • Industrial hard- and software development
  • Computer operation and organization
  • User support and training
  • Research and development.
For particularly talented graduates the opportunity to continue towards a doctoral degree is offered.

Further information (in German) can be found in the brochure about the Institute for Informatics and its degree programs.

Study condidtions

A special emphasis is put on the individual guiodance and supervision of students. Courses, tutorials, practicals and reading classes taken in groups of managable size. The practical training is done on state-of-the-art workstations and communication systems.

Due to the concentration of software companies in the Munich area, interested students can carry out their practicals and project works in cooperation with industry. They also get the opportunity to participate in current research projects in their chosen area of specialization. The many international contacts of the Institute for Informatics at LMU allow qualified students to work and study abroad for a period of time.


The LMU offers the following programs in the area of informatics:

Program Degree Prerequisites
Brochures (in German)
Informatics B.Sc. EFV Brochure Informatik
Informatics Diploma discontinued Brochure Informatik
Informatics for Gymnasium teachers
Staatsexamen - Brochure Lehramt
joint with TUM
B.Sc. EFV Brochure Bioinformatik
joint with TUM
M.Sc. Bachelor Brochure Bioinformatik
joint with TUM
Diploma discontinued Brochure Bioinformatik
Media Informatics B.Sc. NC Brochure Medieninformatik
Media Informatics Diploma discontinued Brochure Medieninformatik

Each program has its own formal prerequisites: for the B.Sc. program in Informatics and the Bioinformatics programs, prospective students have to take an aptitude test (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren, EFV). The Media Informatics program is subject to a local Numerus Clausus.

Links to the aptitude tests (EFV):

Elite Programs

Besides the mentioned programs the Institute for Informatics  participates in the Elite Programs "Technology Management" und "Softwaretechnik" in the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, which are open to particularly gifted students with a completed B.Sc. degree.