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Invitation to the Informatik-Kolloquium

Prof. Alberto Lluch Lafuente (Technical University of Denmark)

Aggregate Programmin through a Soft Modal Logic


Tue, 24 May 2016 - 14:00h - Room U 127, Oet. 67


Aggregation plays a central role in many computational paradigms and their applications. Classical examples are fold/reduce functions in functional programming, reduce/gather operations in parallel programming. Aggregation is essential as well in many of todays IT trends, from Big (Graph) Data analytics to coordination of devices and services in complex distributed systems such as the Internet-of-Things. Aggregate programming models, languages and techniques are indeed a current topic of research in several communities. I will discuss how a soft variant of an modal logic can provide a convenient declarative approach to aggregate programming and I will mention applications to distributes coordination of agents and to distributed graph analytics.

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