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Programming and Modelling Languages

Logic Programming:

This Research project investigates how declarative specifications in an executable logic can be used for programming the project stresses:

  • Meta-programming, that is program-processing programs (like compilers and type checkers)
  • The concurrency inherently possible with logical specifications
  • Data structures for an efficient processing of logic and meta-programs
  • Practical applications


Technology Enhanced Learning:

This research project investigates new forms of learning, teaching, and collaboration among learners, among teachers, and between learners and teachers for enhancing traditional forms of teaching and learning and for bridging traditional and novel forms of teaching and learning in tertiary education. This project investigates how learning analytics and gamification can provide feedback to learners helping in keeping them motivated and regulating their learning work. The project stesses applications and empirial approaches. Tangible outcomes of the project are:

  • The teaching and learning platforms Backstage and Backstage 2
  • Irom, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) search engine and recommender
  • Stila, an application enhancing stress awareness targeted at studen


Human Computation and Data Science:

Human Computation is the enrollment of humans in collaborative endeavours enabled by software. This project investigates two aspects of Human Computation:

  • The enrollment of amateurs or students to a research project devoted to applying data science methods to analyze the European art of the 19th century; to this aim, the platform ARTZizen has been developed and is used
  • Gamification as a means to increase Involvement and Motivation



The project investigates how to determine, divide and organise appropriate informatics learning units for students in different major subjects with computer science as minor field of study. To this aim, a rule engine is designed.

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