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Invitation to the Informatik-Kolloquium

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Beznosov: "Smartphone Users´ Family, Friends, and Other Enemies"

Tuesday, 03rd July 2018 - 16:30 h - 18:00 h - Room 151, Oet. 67


The title of his presentation is:

Smartphone Users´ Family, Friends, and Other Enemies




The number of smartphones users worldwide was expected to surpass 2 billion in 2016. To protect personal and other sensitive information from unauthorized access, some smartphone users lock their phones. Yet, others don´t, risking the data and online services accessible through their devices. The risks emanate from both device thieves and those to the users´ social circles, so called social insiders. While the threat of social insiders for smartphone users has been under-appreciated by the research community, there is growing volume of evidence that it cannot be ignored any more. A recent privacy-preserving survey suggests that 20% of US adults snooped on at least one other person´s phone, during the year proceeding the study. In this talk, I present my group´s research on unauthorized physical access to smartphones. In particular, I discuss users´ concerns when it comes to unauthorized access to their devices, their use of locking mechanisms and devices themselves, and examine the differences that recent advances in smartphone locking make.


Prof. Dr. Konstantin Beznosov, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)